Students FAQ for Website ACOC

#1 Q. How many classes does it take to receive a Court Ordered “Certificate of Completion”
#1 A. 6 weeks certificates is our minimum with most certificates, but the court decides as stated in court documents/conditions.

#2 Q. What the difference between online, or face to face training and/or group services?
#2 A. The training curriculum is the same and the training worksheet requirements are the same by each student regardless of training format.

#3 Q. What must I do to qualify for a hardship discount on my training fee?
# 3 A. Contact your local C. A. M., certified C. A. M. to request and get a code assigned to you.

# 4 Q. My probation officer said “no online class” accepted for my classes, are you still able to help me get individualized face to face training certificate?
# 4 A. Yes, request online or through your local CAM or contact any Certified CAM through online or email us at