About Court Ordered Training Services

Training Services-We respond to the need!

Training ServicesThe Parenting Center, Inc. (TPC) was established in DeKalb County, Georgia in December 2001. A Court Ordered Class (ACOC) evolved in the last ten years to respond to the constant need for training services from the court mandated training community. TPC’s Co-Founders: Shirley McGee Fannings, Ed. D. & Travis D. Frazier, M. Div. had an initial vision to educate parents with empowerment tools.

Dr. Fannings is a retired Educational Curriculum Specialist with over forty years of experience. Rev. Frazier is a clinical trained clergy man with experience as a counselor in private practice. This educational agency started in the State of Georgia in 2001. TPC is currently licensed in Fulton County, City of Atlanta, as an educational training agency. TPC was registered with the IRS as a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization on January 11, 2002.

Mobile Services Offered: Individual training is held in approved local public libraries locations with our new mobile service. Individual training appointments are available six (6) days per week for our mobile training services, including Evaluation.

Corporate training is provided for probation officers and their staff. We provide curriculum development for Criminal Court Judges, as we did in DeKalb County for the “Child Impact Class”. We provide a wide range of clinical services including Individual and Family Counseling and Family Domestic Violence Training Classes. We provide parenting classes for Family Courts including the Department of Family & Children Services.

Recently, we included in the curriculum Confidential Alcohol and Drug Evaluation, Substance Abuse Diversion Training and Anger Management Classes for Adults. Other training classes include Anti Theft Shoplifting Diversion.

See our full list of approved court ordered classes offered here.

Position Available: Certified Registration Liaison (CRL) – This position is authorized to provide ID code for reduction on training fees. Your CRL can provide discount code for training fees reduction online or face to face. Contact your local CRL or ACourtOrderedClass@gmail.com to get discount code or submit your resume to request the job description if you are interested in working with ACOC.